Paperback ''Outdoor with the Pocket Knife''

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Key features

  • The ultimate guide for your wilderness camp
  • Covers all the main application techniques
  • Available in German
Item number 9.5206.2
Height 10 mm
Length 191 mm
Weight 247 g

Guide for a Wilderness Camp

If your pocket contains a Swiss Army Knife including a saw, and your pack holds a copy of ''Outdoor with the Pocket Knife,'' you’re equipped to confidently set up your own wilderness camp. With this compact, comprehensive manual to hand, all the simple elements for wilderness living can be created – chair, table and bench can be built from the simplest natural materials; spoons, knives, forks and bowls can be carved; plates can be woven. And for ideas of what to cook and serve it all on, there are meals such as chicken roasted on a water-operated grill skewer. Also within the book’s pages are engaging activity ideas for young and old alike, as well as important safety rules and application techniques.



Height 10 mm
Net weight 247 g


scale material other 
Blade lockable No 
One hand blade No 


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