Victorinox 主厨刀


Chef's Knives (38)



  • 刃长
  • 手柄材质
  • 餐具系列
  • Grand Maître 刀座,6 件套

Grand Maître 刀座,6 件套

CNY 6,990 CNY 6,990
  • Grand Maître 切肉刀 2 件套

Grand Maître 切肉刀 2 件套

CNY 2,580 CNY 2,580
  • Grand Maître 厨师刀具 3 件套

Grand Maître 厨师刀具 3 件套

CNY 3,380 CNY 3,380
  • 切肉刀


紫檀木, 12 cm
CNY 368 CNY 368
  • 厨房切肉刀


紫檀木, 18 cm
CNY 1,568 CNY 1,568
  • 三文鱼刀


紫檀木, 30 cm
CNY 878 CNY 878
  • Grand Maître 切肉叉

Grand Maître 切肉叉

紫檀木, 15 cm
CNY 1,180 CNY 1,180
  • Grand Maître 三德刀

Grand Maître 三德刀

紫檀木, 17 cm
CNY 1,780 CNY 1,780
  • 带气槽刀刃的 Swiss Classic 切肉刀

带气槽刀刃的 Swiss Classic 切肉刀

黑色, 25 cm
CNY 698 CNY 698
  • Fibrox 多功能切片刀

Fibrox 多功能切片刀

黑色, 20 cm
CNY 350 CNY 350
  • Grand Maître 厨师刀

Grand Maître 厨师刀

黑色, 15 cm
CNY 1,180 CNY 1,180
  • Grand Maître 锻造三德刀

Grand Maître 锻造三德刀

黑色, 17 cm
CNY 1,480 CNY 1,480
  • Grand Maître 切肉刀

Grand Maître 切肉刀

紫檀木, 20 cm
CNY 1,380 CNY 1,380
  • Swiss Classic 切肉刀

Swiss Classic 切肉刀

黑色, 25 cm
CNY 588 CNY 588
  • Swiss Classic 切肉刀

Swiss Classic 切肉刀

黑色, 22 cm
CNY 488 CNY 488
  • 带气槽刀刃的 Swiss Classic 切肉刀

带气槽刀刃的 Swiss Classic 切肉刀

黑色, 20 cm
CNY 638 CNY 638
  • Grand Maître 锻造厨师刀

Grand Maître 锻造厨师刀

黑色, 20 cm
CNY 1,680 CNY 1,680
  • Grand Maître 锻造切肉刀

Grand Maître 锻造切肉刀

黑色, 15 cm
CNY 1,080 CNY 1,080
  • 大师系列锻造厨师切肉叉


黑色, 15 cm
CNY 1,080 CNY 1,080
  • Swiss Classic 黄油和奶油芝士刀

Swiss Classic 黄油和奶油芝士刀

黑色, 13 cm
CNY 238 CNY 238
  • 中式厨师刀


黑色, 18 cm
CNY 668 CNY 668
  • Fibrox 厨房切肉刀

Fibrox 厨房切肉刀

黑色, 18 cm
CNY 690 CNY 690
  • Fibrox 超宽刀刃切肉刀

Fibrox 超宽刀刃切肉刀

黑色, 20 cm
CNY 380 CNY 380
  • Swiss Classic 厨房刀

Swiss Classic 厨房刀

黑色, 15 cm
CNY 348 CNY 348
  • Swiss Classic 切片刀

Swiss Classic 切片刀

黑色, 20 cm
CNY 418 CNY 418
  • Fibrox 剔骨刀

Fibrox 剔骨刀

黑色, 15 cm
CNY 168 CNY 168
  • Fibrox 切肉刀

Fibrox 切肉刀

黑色, 19 cm
CNY 408 CNY 408
  • SwissClassic 切肉刀
  • SwissClassic 切肉刀
  • SwissClassic 切肉刀
  • SwissClassic 切肉刀
  • SwissClassic 切肉刀

SwissClassic 切肉刀

黑色, 19 cm
CNY 388 CNY 388
  • Swiss Classic 三德刀

Swiss Classic 三德刀

黑色, 17 cm
CNY 478 CNY 478
  • 带气槽刀刃的大师系列锻造三德刀


黑色, 17 cm
CNY 1,680 CNY 1,680

What are we cooking today? What do the food supplies offer? Our chef’s knives are as versatile as daily tasks and personal preferences in the kitchen. You have the choice between different sizes, designs and types. Because the right chef’s knife has to fit you as much as the intended purpose.

Continue reading and find out what it is that makes our chef’s knives so universal and yet so unique.

Universal knives: Slicing, chopping, mincing, forming, flattening—our chef’s knives are indispensable all-rounders with many talents. No matter which knife you select, each one has their very own strength. The different blades make the fine difference; however, they all convince through their performance. Guaranteed. Day after day.

Extremely high quality: The chef’s knives of the Grand Maître line are made from a single piece of steel, which is connected to the handle using solid rivets. They offer a blade that’s extra wide and straight. Combined with the handle, they create excellent leverage, and the needed force is reduced to a minimum.

Delicate master class: The Santoku knife is inspired by the Far East cuisine and is used there also for preparing sushi and sashimi. The specially formed blade allows for extremely fine and precise cuts. The dimples on the side create little air pockets during cutting, which prevent wet and extremely fine slices from sticking to the blade. The accuracy of Asian chef’s knives—ideal for meat and cheese, cucumbers and zucchinis.

Professional eccentric: The form of the Chinese chef’s knife is reminiscent of a kitchen cleaver. However, it serves for a lot more than just deboning meat. The wide blade and the very narrow, smooth cutter are extremely versatile and easily go through meat, game and poultry, vegetables, herbs and fruits.