View the new autumn collection Inspired by nature, designed for life

Inspired by nature, designed for life

Introducing our stunning new Fall Colors collection, inspired by nature but with an urban twist. As the days get shorter and the weather cools, nature puts on some of its most spectacular displays: jewel-toned leaves, rich earthy browns and greens, and fruit-strewn hedgerows. We’ve captured this natural beauty in our new color range that includes a sophisticated olive, a fiery brick red and a pop of bright mustard.

Each piece is designed to coordinate across our collections, so you can bring a seasonal accent to your every day, whether that’s traveling overseas or hiking on the trails. For those who love to stand out from the crowd, we’ve also created an olive camouflage colorway, so the only place you’ll blend into the background is out in the wild.

Ranger Grip
I.N.O.X. Autumn Spirit
Altmont Classic

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CLP 32,900

Victoria Small Items Crossbody Clutch


Ranger Grip 178

CLP 54,900

Connex Medium Hardside Case


Swiss Army Rock Eau de Toilette

100 ml
CLP 39,900


green, 43 mm
CLP 449,900

Victoria 2.0 Key Holder