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We captured the epic spirit of Switzerland and blended it with inspiring tales of the world's most confident, dedicated and adventurous women. Then we added a dash of romance and a pinch of spice from around the globe. Get ready to be inspired.

Discover what also makes a Victorinox women’s perfume a true Eau de Vie and gives a genuine originality to every single creation.

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Victorinox Ella Eau de Toilette

75 ml
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  • 100 ml

Victorinox Morning Dew Eau de Toilette

100 ml
  • 75 ml

Swiss Army Eau Florale Eau de Toilette

75 ml
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Perfumes for women
The fragrance of the great, wide world

Choosing perfumes for women is a very personal matter – the fragrance must reflect the character and preferences of its wearer and must also match her skin type so that the fragrance can develop properly. The more complex the composition, the more varied the effect. That’s why, as with all our perfumes for women, we also take a clear approach when creating a fragrance: Floral or fruity, feminine or fresh – every fragrance bears a strong idea within it that exudes an uninhibited joie de vivre, combined with subtle elegance. You will find out here why every single fragrance from Victorinox develops a magical attraction and is a true Eau de Vie; even better, you can appreciate it with all your senses when you visit one of our Victorinox stores.


Carried by the authenticity of our brand: There is a unique story behind every women’s perfume from Victorinox, characterized by the origins of our brand, translated into a declaration of love to nature and the natural charm of Switzerland. From the delicate fragrances of fresh green leaves and flowers, to the soothing clarity of the air and the uninhibited lightness of being. Victorinox perfumes for women are created for the woman of the world, perfect for every day and every moment. Because an exclusive fragrance is a trusted personal companion and the expression of an individual attitude toward life.

Perfectly coordinated in every nuance: A fragrance is always built upon three different fragrance notes that develop one after the other – a top note, a heart note, and a base note determine the various phases of the fragrance. The top note is the first to appear; it is perceived as intense, but vanishes fairly quickly and merges into the heart note. This top note reveals the key body of the fragrance and lasts the longest. The final chord is created by the base note, which is only perceptible as a delicate accent. All three notes must harmonize well and be arranged in a skillfully coordinated succession so that a fragrance appears harmonious and well rounded.

Perfumers of the first rank: Quentin Bisch, Nathalie Lorson, and Christophe Raynaud – Victorinox works with the finest fragrance noses in the world and each composition bears a distinctive signature. The fragrance essences for our creations originate from the famous houses of Firmenich and Givaudan. Partnerships built up with many great creators over the years allow us to continuously learn and expand our range of experience. For us, the best thing even today is sharing our passion, and it is always an adventure if, after months of development work, a new fragrance becomes an unmistakable Victorinox product.

Bottles designed with creativity: The design of the bottle emphasizes the exclusivity and character of a fragrance. That’s why we afford an equally high level of importance to this part of the creation, and this is rewarded with regular international awards. The Victorinox Ella EdT in the 75 ml bottle with a protective soft-touch sleeve and integrated cosmetics mirror, for example, was awarded three World Star Awards in 2016 in the “Health & Beauty,” “Luxury,” and “Marketing” categories. The Swiss Army For Her Eau Florale EdT comes with a chiffon flower that can be sprayed with the delicate fragrance and worn as a ring. Due to its popularity, we have also launched this women’s scent in a 30 ml version for the handbag.

Fragrance and body lotion: The fragrance of a perfume dissipates more quickly on dry skin. The right lotion prolongs the effect and is also appreciated as an additional soothing alternative to women’s perfume. Fragrance layering is still a fairly young trend, but in practice it simply means that a product from the fragrance family is used as a base to expand the frame of reference, instead of using a neutral cream or lotion from the same line. This intensifies the fragrance and creates distinctive, individual compositions.

The right fragrance – for every occasion and every season: Spring, summer, fall, and winter, every season is associated with different images and emotions, and this also has an influence on the choice of fragrance. Added to this, there are situational aspects such as the time of day, the environment, and one’s personal mood. As with fashion, this then opens up a whole variety of possibilities to set ever-changing accents. The concept of the fragrance wardrobe has now become established and the woman of today knows exactly when to wear which perfume. Swiss Army For Her EdT, for example, is perfect for business, Swiss Army For Her Eau Florale EdT provides a touch of refreshment on sunny days, and a hint of Swiss Army Mystique Forest EdT invigorates at any time.

Order Victorinox perfumes for women online: To prevent the risk of making the wrong purchase when ordering from our online shop, Victorinox includes a fragrance sample with every shipment. This way you can try out the fragrance of your choice without having to open the packaging. Discover the Victorinox range of perfumes for women now!