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Our fans used to ask us again and again why we don’t make watches. We are known for our Swiss precision and have over 130 years’ experience in metal and mechanics. “They’re right,” we decided. And thus, an exciting chapter in the history of Victorinox began. Our watches have continued to amaze and delight ever since.

With the I.N.O.X., we have made the measurement of time practically indestructible. With the Victorinox Swiss Army Original Chronograph Limited Edition, we have brought to life a design which our CEO, Carl Elsener, developed as a teenager. The Paracord strap can be converted into a lifeline and demonstrates that we never stop exploring all possibilities.

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Our newest watches

I.N.O.X. Professional Diver Titanium

black, 45 mm
CHF 795.00

I.N.O.X. Professional Diver Titanium

blue, 45 mm
CHF 795.00

I.N.O.X. Professional Diver Titanium

gray, 45 mm
CHF 695.00

Alliance Small

champagne, 35 mm
CHF 395.00


silver, 40 mm
CHF 445.00

I.N.O.X. V

pink, 37 mm
CHF 545.00

I.N.O.X. V

green, 37 mm
CHF 495.00

Maverick Black Edition

black, 43 mm
CHF 595.00

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