We act sustainably

That’s why we work tirelessly to improve our production processes and look after our corporate culture.

Whether knives, watches, bags or perfume – sustainability is part of our DNA

Our attitude is this: in the long run, we can only be a healthy company if the planet is healthy. From procuring raw materials through to production, packaging and distribution – we look closely at every detail. Our philosophy can be partly explained by the fact we are a family business. After all, we want future generations to be just as successful as we are today.

Discover how we emphasize sustainability in all aspects of our operations.

Packaging isn’t always necessary

Where possible, we forgo packaging altogether, just as we’ve done with our deodorants and shower gels. We pack our fragrances in cardboard boxes to protect them from light, but like all of our cardboard and paper packaging, these boxes are bleached without chlorine.

We use the heat from our knife production for heating

The various knife-grinding processes create a lot of heat. That’s why we use water for cooling. We recycle the stored heat and use it to keep our headquarters in Ibach as well as 120 nearby apartments warm.

For us, scrap steel means new knives

We collect all our scrap steel. Really all of it. Scrap steel and cutting dust is returned to the steel plant. In fact, we’re pioneers in the recycling of grinding sludge. Each year, we filter 600 tons of steel from our cooling water – that’s 25% of our entire steel purchase.

We source close to home

The wood for our pocket knives with wooden scales previously came from Gabon in Africa. Although it was FSC-certified, we preferred to rely on local sources. We searched long and hard for a suitable material and we succeeded. Now we work with a walnut wood from a local supplier.

Victorinox and Nespresso – two recycling pioneers team up

For the 25th anniversary of Nespresso’s recycling program, the coffee capsule producer Nespresso has joined up with Victorinox. The result of the collaboration is the Pioneer pocket knife, whose Alox scales consist completely of recycled Nespresso capsules.

Repair not replace: our long-lasting luggage

This planet’s resources are limited. That’s why we treat them responsibly. Take the long warranty on our luggage as an example. Should something break, we’ll repair it wherever possible, thus avoiding the waste of more raw materials.

For our chronometers, we rely on the sun

Our watches are manufactured in Switzerland. They are actually produced under a roof that produces a significant portion of our energy. Our production centers are fitted with photovoltaic installations which provide part of the electricity for watch production.

Well maintained to extend the life cycle

We’re proud of our machinery and maintain it very carefully. Our equipment thanks us with its long life – some of our machines have been with us for more than 50 years. We simply adapt and modernize them where necessary, thus saving on resources.

We keep a watchful eye on our partners

Our responsibility doesn’t just extend to our own operations. That’s why we regularly visit our carefully selected suppliers. Because we want to make sure that our high standards regarding the quality and sustainability of our products are shared by our partners.

Those who come, come to stay

True to our values, a work-life balance is important for us. We encourage a hearty laugh as much as an open discussion in our meetings, and believe in being friendly and polite. We offer recreational sports or snacks during breaks, plus flexible working hours and secure terms of employment. It’s worth it: our employee turnover is less than two percent.

But not everyone comes

We still manufacture our limited edition pocket knives by hand. If, for health or family reasons, an employee is unable to come to us, he or she can also work from home.

We have fitness every day

We have balance time three times a day! Following the “Alexander technique,” we perform exercises to relax the body. This sounds unusual, but it’s very effective. Since the start of 2002, we have reduced illnesses caused by overload by 40%.

A look at our sustainable production

Come with us on a tour of our production centers in Ibach and find out all of the areas where we’re supporting sustainable production.

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