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Would you like to get to know one of our Victorinox bags or cases a little better? Then just look for Laura. She is familiar with every last detail of our travel gear.

Packing tips

Running out of space in your case yet again? Worried about creases in your clothes? Or is chaos about to erupt in your case?

Our packing tips will help you regain control over your toothbrush, leather shoes, shirt and pants.

How do I report damaged luggage?

Did you notice that your luggage is damaged and you’re still at the airport?

  • Report the damage to the Lost & Found desk or to ground staff.
  • Fill out any required forms. The luggage and contents will be inspected
  • The airline responsible will take over the case

Did you only notice the damage when you got home or arrived at your hotel?

  • Contact the airline you flew with and fill out the required form
  • The following information is required: Flight date and number, departure and arrival airport, ticket number, damaged item, with photos of the damage. Depending on the airline, further details might be requested.
  • The claim will be processed by the airline

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