The Rulebook Be Your Best You

The Four Rules to Help You Be Your Best You

As we look out for one another during this time of social distancing, don’t forget to focus on yourself as well. On your wellbeing, on your peace of mind and on simply taking good care of yourself.

We’ve thought a lot about how to be your best you. For us, it all boils down to these four specific rules: get outside, eat well, get away and get active.

However the reality for most people across the globe is that getting outside or getting active is challenging currently. But we hope that you’ll find some way to apply the same philosophy to your every day life, even if you are spending most of your time at home. At the very least, we hope to provide some inspiration for when we are all able to safely be active outside again.

Right now more than ever, our philosophy is that being your best you is not about rigid self-discipline or excessive training programs. You eat that bite of chocolate brownie if you know it will do wonders for your wellbeing! If you are busy juggling both work and kids at home, it’s also important to find some time for yourself each day.

A while ago, we asked Mia and Thies from Uberding to share how they interpret our four rules in their busy, active and nomadic lives. We hope you’ll be inspired by what they have to say and by what you’ll see, even if you need to wait a while before you can apply some of their suggestions. Stay safe.