Driven by Heritage

We proudly present our new collector’s knives: The RangerWood Damast Limited Edition, the Alox Limited Edition and the Classic Limited Edition.

Victorinox Limited Edition Knives 2015

It all began in a little metal workshop somewhere out there at the foot of the Swiss Alps. Karl Elsener invented the compact Swiss Army Knife. Fast forward to 2015. His idea, crafted over 130 years ago, can now be found in pockets all round the world.

And the legend lives on: We proudly present our new collector’s knives.

RangerWood Damast Limited Edition 2015

This year, we applied the Damast steel to the RangerWood knife. This fascinating material tells stories of innovation and adventures. But be quick, the edition is limited to 5000 knives. Numbered accordingly, of course.

Alox Limited Edition 2015

The Alox Limited Edition dedicates every year to a new color. This year’s tone: blue. It honors all adventurers who have only one goal in mind: reaching for the sky. Reach out yourself and become a collector today.


Classic Alox Limited Edition 2015

blue USD 24.99

Cadet Alox Limited Edition 2015

blue USD 34.99

Pioneer Alox Limited Edition 2015

blue USD 37.99

Classic Limited Edition 2015

Victorinox fans took to Facebook and picked their 10 favourite designs for the Classic Limited Edition 2015. They chose from 1,424 designs submitted by 524 designers in 74 countries – a truly inspiring demonstration of the love and devotion felt for the Swiss Army Knife around the world.

Classic LE 2015, Swiss Village

SwissVillage USD 24.00

Classic LE 2015, Snack Time

SnackTime USD 24.00

Classic LE 2015, Lion King

LionKing USD 24.00

Classic LE 2015, Ride your Bike

RideYourBike USD 24.00

Classic LE 2015, They'll Grow, Deer!

TheyllGrow USD 24.00

Classic LE 2015, Bicycle

Bicycle USD 24.00

Classic LE 2015, Nature Adventure

NatureAdventure USD 24.00

Classic LE 2015, Yodelay-Hee-Moo

YodelayHeeMoo USD 24.00

Classic LE 2015, Star Light Star Bright

StarLightStarBright USD 24.00

Classic LE 2015, Sea World

SeaWorld USD 24.00