Victorinox received an award from the Swiss Environmental Foundation in 2008, in recognition of the efforts made to preserve our habitats. This award has motivated the entire company to take a sustainable approach to the environment and its resources.

Environmental Awareness

Victorinox has a comprehensive waste disposal concept for liquid and solid substances. Materials are sorted, separated, and recycled as a matter of course.

Victorinox has also played a key role in the development of recycling plants for grinding sludge. Today, around 600 tons of grinding sludge at the headquarters in Ibach-Schwyz is recycled every year.

The waste heat from production processes is used to heat the production sites in Ibach-Schwyz and 120 homes nearby. This measure has also helped raise awareness of environmental issues among employees.

Processes have been optimized on a sustainable basis and technical innovations have been introduced, enabling Victorinox’s environmental footprint to be significantly reduced.