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European Outdoor Film Tour

Victorinox, Official partner for Outdoor adventurers

The European Outdoor Film Tour (EOFT) is the largest film event in the European outdoor community. For ten years it followed the development in the extreme sports scene and it displays the world's best adventure documentaries and outdoor sports films, together in a program that covers all facets of the Mountaineering Outdoor Sports - among other things, climbing, skiing, mountain biking and kayaking. The approximately two hour film program is every year from October to December: in addition to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, there are also Italy (since 2006), the Netherlands (2007) and Belgium (2009) on the tour schedule.

Like all documentaries, outdoor sports and adventure films have a hard time in the cinema. Even in television, they usually only shine in the night program. Which is a shame, because visually these films are made for the big screen, but rarely shown there. The outdoor boom of the recent years helped the classic mountain film back to a revival, but the staging of German heroes in stories like "North Face" or "Nanga Parbat" does not have much in common with documentaries; Who would not see any actors, but real heroes. The European Outdoor Film Tour (EOFT) avoids this problem and bring the outdoor movies directly to the fans. This year it celebrates its tenth anniversary. Outdoor Tour It all started with 16 tour stops in Germany in 2001. Meanwhile, there are over 100 events in six countries. As an increasing number of events is also growing, EOFT community is too. Last year only, over 50,000 spectators attended over a period of three months of the EOFT events. Loyal fans come back every year and consider the event as a kick-off for their own winter outdoor season. They themselves are active in sports and seize the opportunity to get to the events or the EOFT online portal to share about outdoor activities and movies.

The two-hour film program takes the viewer on an extreme sports adventure trip to the far corners of the world. The themes and their filmic interpretation vary from year to year, but the wide range of outdoor sports all reflected: alpine sports, climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, BASE jumping and more. Although most activities can not be recommended for imitation - the spark of inspiration jumps over forever amoung the fans. Their passion for the sport and the adventure borders often enough to grind. this means they have the sympathy of the audience on their side.

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