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Q.  Where can I purchase Victorinox Swiss Army Men's and Women's fragrances?
A.  You can purchase Victorinox Swiss Army Men's and Women's fragrances right here on our website.  We have a vast assortment of great smelling colognes and perfumes as well as deodorants and after shave products.  Click here to shop now.  You can also find your local store by clicking here

Q. What shipping methods are available for fragrances?
A.  All Victorinox fragrances are shipped by "ground" option only.  Due to some postal restrictions fragrances are not approved to be shipped via air delivery.

Q. What is an eau de toilette?
A. The ideal fragrance concentration for everyday use. An eau de toilette (EdT) has been the most popular fragrance strength, especially in the mens fragrance category. Eau de toilette are traditionally concentrated with a percentage of 5-15% (typical ~10%) of aromatic compounds or essential oils, making it light, and easy to apply. In comparison, Perfume extract are between 15-40%; Eau de Parfum  are between 10-20%, Eau de Cologne between 3-8%)

Q: How long does an Eau de toilette last?
A: An eau de toilette can last several hours depending on the skin of the individual. Eau de toilette can be re-applied during the day or in the evening for longer lasting effect. On average, an Eau de Toilette will last around 3 - 6 hours.

Q. What is the shelf life of a fragrance?
A. Some people will tell you they kept their fragrance bottle for years at home and they are still great. It all depends on the quality of the fragrance. One sure tip is that if you want your fragrance to last, you should keep it in a darker room and in a place that is not going through changes of temparature. Heat and light are two factors that can change the quality of the fragrance over time. After that, it all depends of the size of the bottle and how much you use! From two months to 4

Q. Can a fragrance turn bad?
A. Not really. Only if you leave it for years sitting in bright light and heat. Yet again, it doesn't turn bad. The actual fragrance can be discolored by light, but it doesn't necessarily means it has gone bad. It can just evaporate and smell less strong after years of storage. It is best to use the fragrance within that year of purchase.

Q. How do you apply fragrance?
A. Traditionally perfumes are applied on pulse points, where the heart beat gives you the most seductive and points of your body. Eau de toilette can be sprayed on your wrist from about a foot/30cm away from your skin. Letting the spray or "cloud" of fragrance land on your skin by itself. It is a common misuse to rub the fragrance on your wrist. It doesn't help the fragrance to develop and grow on its own on your skin. Let it settle there. You can spray your shoulder, neck and chest and you are good to go!

Q. Where are the fragrances manufactured?
A.  All Victorinox fragrances are manufactured in Switzerland of course. There may be some small parts of the packaging that are manufactured in other areas.

Victorinox Swiss Army believes sustainability is important to the manufacturing process.  Watch how Victorinox Swiss Army achieves production of it's products while incorporating environmentally friendly practices.  Click here to watch now.  

Shop our Victorinox Swiss Army Fragrances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Click here to shop now.