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Q.  Where can I purchase a Victorinox Swiss Army Watch?
A.  You can purchase a Victorinox Swiss Army Watch from one of our online retailers (click on "Shop Authorized E-Tailer" on product page) or go to our store locator to find an authorized jeweler near you.

Q. I would like to replace a leather band with a bracelet, where can I get one? 
A. All the bands should be displayed on the Victorinox Swiss Army web site under straps & bracelets or straps & bracelets for discontinued watches. If you do not see a band on the web site to match, please call Victorinox Swiss Army Consumer Services at 1-800-442-2706

Q. How do I know if I have a real Victorinox Swiss Army Watch?
A. Only an authentic Victorinox Swiss Army watch has the words " Victorinox Swiss Army" or "Swiss Army" printed right on the dial.

Q. How do I know when the battery needs changing?
A. In select models, the battery end-of-life indicator signals that the battery should be replaced within two or three days. When the battery is low, the second hand stands still for 2-4 seconds, and then speeds up to the correct time. This indication will last for approximately one week, and then the timepiece hands stand still.

Q. How do I change the battery?
A. Please bring it to one of our Authorized Service Centers, or call for the closest battery center.

Q. What are the benefits of a hardened mineral crystal versus a sapphire crystal?
A. Hardened mineral crystals are hardened to 450 Vickers. Victorinox Swiss Army exceeds the industry standards by manufacturing crystals to 900 Vickers. Sapphire crystals are manufactured to a hardness of 1200 Vickers. Sapphire crystals are virtually scratch-proof - only a diamond can penetrate their surfaces. Not all models can have sapphire crystals.

Q. What is an automatic / mechanical movement?
A. The movement is driven by an oscillating weight called the rotor. The movements of the arm cause the rotor to swing winding the mainspring automatically. No batteries required, it needs manual winding (via crown) every 24 hours to keep the mainspring tight and timing accurate. A mechanical watch does not have an oscillating wheel and has to be manually wound daily.

Q. What is meant by the "jewels" in a watch movement?
A. Synthetic rubies, also known as jewels, are used to increase the wear resistance of a watch movement's moving parts.

Q. What is a quartz movement?
A. The movement power is provided by a miniature battery, eliminating the need to wind the timepiece. Quartz movements provide time measurement accurate to within a few seconds per year. All Victorinox Swiss Army battery operated watches are equipped with quartz movements. 

Q. What is a ratchet bezel?
A. The bezel is the frame that surrounds the crystal. The unidirectional rotating bezel, also known as a ratchet bezel, is used for measuring elapsed time. 

Q. How water-resistant are Victorinox Swiss Army Watches?
A. Most models are rated to withstand water pressure up to 330 feet (there are some exceptions). In contrast to the term "waterproof," water resistance is not a permanent condition; it must be maintained. The crown must be fully recessed and parts such as the crystal, case, and push buttons must remain intact for the timepiece to stay water-resistant. The timepiece will state the depth of resistance on the back.

Q. What is a PVD treatment?
A. Physical Vapor Deposition, or PVD, is a process in which a powder is heated and absorbed into steel, so that if scratched, metal won't show through. However the coating will eventually wear with use.

Q. What is the difference between a screw back and snap back case?
A. Some Victorinox Swiss Army Timepieces feature a stainless steel snap back case which snaps into place. Several models feature a case which screws back into place (screw back) for added durability and water resistance.

Q. What are chronographs and tachometers, and what are they used for?
A. A chronograph, also known as a stopwatch, provides exact time measurement up to 1/10 of a second, to an elapsed time of 30 minutes and in some cases hours. A tachometer offers a mathematical shortcut for measuring rates of speed over a measured course or calculating production units over a period of time.

Q. What degree of quality testing do Victorinox Swiss Army Watches undergo?
A. Each new watch series undergoes multiple quality control tests in an independent laboratory in Switzerland. Each individual watch is put through its own visual inspection, time test, and water resistance test.

Q. Where can I get my watch repaired?
A. Please send it to one of our Authorized Service Centers for assessment and repair.  

Q. How can I tell if I have a large or small watch?
A. All of our watches are universal, but we do have several styles that have Small sizes if that suits you better. If the timepiece comes in large and small our website will distinguish those particular timepieces. If you are unsure which type you have please call 800-442-2706 with the lug width for proper identification.

Q. Where can I get a watch catalog to place an order?
A. We do not have a consumer catalog at this point in time; most of our product-line can be viewed on the website. A PDF is also available through Customer Service.

Q. Where can I find a store in my area?
A. We have numerous stores throughout United States and Canada. The best way to find which store is the closest to your home is to click the "Store Locator" link located at the top of the website.  Or, click here 

Q. Do I need to mail in my watch for a simple battery replacement?
A. Yes, we do suggest that your Victorinox Swiss Army watch be sent to an Authorized Service Center for battery changes and repairs. Taking your watch to an unauthorized jeweler will void the warranty. Please call for the location of the nearest battery center.

Q. Is Victorinox Swiss Army Watch shock resistant?
A. All Victorinox Swiss Army watches are shock resistant.

Q. Why can't a jeweler change the battery?
A. Our watches must be repaired by an Authorized Service Center to prevent voiding the warranty, and to ensure proper water resistance.

Q. How can I pay for my repairs?
A. We accept MasterCard and Visa.

Q. How should I pack my watch if I need to send it out for repairs?
A. Please pack your watch is a SECURE BOX and send to us via U.S. Mail Certified, UPS or Federal Express. Please include a note describing what is wrong the watch, your warranty and a copy of the original sales receipt. Also include your name with return address and a daytime telephone number or email address on the inside of the package. 

Q. Do you have a toll free number for service?
A. The toll free telephone number is 1-800-442-2706.

Q. What does T SWISS T stand for on the bottom of my watch?
A. This coding denotes the fact that the timepiece dial and hands contain Tritium. This was used for the glow-in-the-dark feature. However we no longer use tritium, we now use a substance called Super Luminova. 

Q. My watch says it's water resistant to 330 feet (100 meters). Why is it OK for swimming but not diving?
A. Most models are rated to withstand water pressure up to 330 feet or 100 meters (there are some exceptions). In contrast to the term "waterproof," water resistance is not a permanent condition; it must be maintained. The crown must be fully recessed and parts such as the crystal, case, and push buttons must remain intact for the watch to stay water-resistant.

Q. I have an automatic movement in my watch. Does it need to be sent in for adjustment occasionally?
A. Automatic and mechanical timepieces should be serviced every 10 years to ensure all the oils and gaskets are replaced to ensure water resistance and maintenance. However, in the event that the timepiece is losing time it should be sent to an Authorized Service Center. Our automatic and mechanical timepieces have a power reserve of 24-36 hours on one charge. Please note these timepieces do not require a battery.

Q. Do you make a watch with an alarm?
A. Yes there are several Victorinox Swiss Army timepieces made with an alarm, please see the Limited Edition category on our website. Also the Voyager pocketknife is equipped with an alarm clock.

Q. How do I set a time and date with a screw-down crown?
Here are the directions to follow to set both the date and time:
A. Using the thumb and forefinger, apply mild pressure on crown while rotating toward you until crown releases. B. Pull out crown to position. Turn the crown away from you until the date showing the day before the desired setting. C. Pull out the crown to the fully extended position and rotate toward you. When midnight is reached, the date will advance to the desired date. Continue to turn the crown until the desired time is set. Remember, the date advanced at 12:00 midnight, not 12:00 noon. D. After setting, push in the crown then press and screw down away from you until it is sealed tight into position. The date and position are now set. E. To set time alone, release crown (refer to A) and then follow instruction point D. IMPORTANT: Do not set time and date between 9pm and 3am.

Q. Can I have my watch repaired outside the United States?
A. Please consult our international dealer locator by clicking here

Q. Can I replace a watch crystal only?
A. Yes, but you should contact an Authorized Service Center to be sure there is no additional damage to your timepiece or debris inside the movement.

Q. What is the difference between Victorinox Swiss Army Watches and Wenger? Which displays the Victorinox Swiss Army emblem?
A. Victorinox Swiss Army and Wenger watches have different emblems:  The Victorinox Swiss Army emblem is in the shape of a five pointed shield.  The Wenger emblem is a square with rounded corners.  A Victorinox Swiss Army watch will have either Victorinox Swiss Army or Swiss Army on the dial along with the Cross & Shield logo;  A Wenger watch will have either Wenger, Wenger Swiss Military or Swiss Military on the dial along with the Cross & Square logo.  Both watch brands are owned by Victorinox and are Swiss-Made watches.

For Wenger repair information please click here.

Q. Where can I purchase a Victorinox Swiss Army watch outside of the U.S.?
A. Please check in our store locator by clicking here

Q. Where are the authorized Service centers located?
A. Please refer to the list of our Authorized Service Centers.

Q. Is your watch changing date at noon?
A. If the date changes at noon pull crown back out and advance hands 12 hours.

Q. How do I size my bracelet?
A. On the inside of your bracelet closest to the clasp there are links that have arrows on the inside of the bracelet. These links are removable; please insert a small tool into the hole and hammer the pins out of the link in the direction of the arrow; this process will shorten your bracelet.

Q. How do I identify which model I have?
A. Our recent models have a five or six digit number on the back of the timepiece starting with 24; this number is your timepiece model number. If your timepiece does not have a number that starts with 24 please email or fax a picture to Customer Service along with your details for proper identification to 800-243-4006 or

Q. If my strap/bracelet is no longer available what are my options?
A. Please contact Customer Service with the lug width of your watch so we may be able to direct an alternate strap compatible with your timepiece.

Victorinox Swiss Army believes sustainability is important to the manufacturing process.  Watch how Victorinox Swiss Army achieves production of it's products while incorporating environmentally friendly practices.  Click here to watch now.